Dermagist Cream Review

Dermajuv Cream Review: Does it deserve its leading status in the anti-wrinkle skin care market? Read on to find it out…

Finally a cosmeceutical company has developed a complete system that delivers as an anti aging system should.  Dermajuv spared zero expense by combining only the very best ingredients in this astounding new system.  Included in this amazing offer is a 45 day supply of each of the following:  An Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, an Age Defying Serum and an Instant Lifting Serum.  Each of these product have earned incredible accolades as individual anti aging products, however combined, it is simply the most effective, most amazing valuable offer in the wrinkle cream industry.

By working at the DNA level, Dermajuv sponsors the healing of established wrinkles as well as the production of collagen, insuring that wrinkle stay away.  By penetrating the skin initially with moisture before the heavy treatments this complete system creates the ideal situation for the stronger ingredients to work.  And work it does.  The results we received were like no other that we have seen in all of our combined years of experience.

By the time the instructions called for the Instant Lifting Serum, wrinkles were literally vanishing from our face.  Just when we thought we had seen the best this system had to offer, we started to notice the effects of the Age Defying Serum.  At this point, things simply got crazy.  Spots and redness that we had not even attributed to aging began to disappear.  We really noticed a tremendous “youthful” essence in our skin as the spots and redness were going away… this combined with the wrinkle removal was just fantastic.

The System comes with a complete set of instructions that taught us exactly when and where to apply each of the three individual treatments.  By following these steps exactly we were able to maximize our wrinkle and age reduction.  While the system called for twice daily applications, we soon found ourselves excited to apply it, and almost eagerly awaiting our next application.

The ingredients in these products are some of the best, most expensive medical grade formulas available for wrinkle reduction.  It is clear that Dermajuv created a product with intentions of it making a HUGE statement in the industry.  And that it has.  Each of these products retail individually for 78.99 but when all three are combined in this unique system the price is slashed to a value-packed $129.99.  With savings that large and results this dramatic, its no wonder Dermajuv is getting all the attention it has been receiving.


  • Dramatically reduces wrinkle length and depth
  • Instant Results beginning on day 3
  • Collagen and Cell Re-growth at the DNA level
  • Clearly, the best effect on wrinkle reduction, removal of redness, fading of age spots and shrinking of pores.
  • Leaves skin looking younger and healthier
  • Encourages your skin to heal itself
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Downloadable clinical results supporting its effectiveness


The only real negatives of this product are the patience and the methodical application of it.  While the product does provide instant results, they instruct you to use each serum in a particular order.  This requires a bit of patience, however the results are well worth the wait.

Rate of Results

This product is truly amazing.  As we said earlier it does have instant results however you are not instructed to use that particular product until the third day of the system.  Beginning with day 1, skin is smoothed and softened. And by the third stage of the treatment (roughly 5 days) the results are staggering.





In all of our years as skin care enthusiasts none of us have seen a product quite like this one.  It truly lives up to the hype.  Dermajuv has taken pride in developing an amazing system, intending that it leaves consumers talking about it.  And they have certainly delivered in that regard.  Everyone we spoke with about this product feels that exact same way that we do.  We strongly recommend The Complete Rejuvenation System to you, there is no doubt you will find the results pleasing as well.


All of Dermajuv’s products are backed by a complete 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.  The return process is simply and truly is “no problem.”  It is nice to see a company so confident in the results of a product.  You get refunded the price of the product, but not the shipping.   All very clearly stated on their store policies page.


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DermaJuv is now Dermagist

dermagistDermajuv cosmeceuticals changed its name to Dermagist. Nothing changed but the name.

Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System is now called Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System, same for alle other products like Eye Revolution Gel.

The website name changed from to

The reason for the name change is that Dermagist products cover more than just rejuvenation with their new products like Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream, Eye-Precision System, Dermagist Detoxifying Acne Cleanser, Acne Treatment System, Acne Scar Reduction System, Acne Scars Fading Cream, Acne Clarifying Cream, Ultimate Acne System etc.

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Where to buy Dermajuv / Dermagist products?

A lot of people want to know where the best place is to buy Dermajuv / Dermagist products. While Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System and Eye Revolution can be bought on Amazon I found out that you get the best deals on Dermagist’s own website on

They offer coupons (the best we found is ‘TGST1210‘ for 10% off) and great deals when you buy combos (savings up to $115). Also Dermagist/Dermajuv offers a 30 days refund guarantee for products ordered on their site and they provide customer support.

Click here to get Dermagist Discount and Best Deals (save 10% with this month’s coupon code TGST1210)

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Dermajuv Best Price

Are you looking for the best price for any Dermajuv/Dermagist products?

You can save up to $115 using these steps:

1. Click this Dermajuv/Dermagist Discount Link

2. Enter Dermajuv coupon codeTGST1210 into the coupon code box and save another 10%.

That’s it! Enjoy your Dermajuv/Dermagis discount!

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Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel

Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel

Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel

When it comes to reviewing the best eye creams, gels and serum there are many different aspects to consider. The treatment of wrinkles, under eye bags and dark circles are three essential elements to eye treatment products. Each of these symptoms are unique and require their very own treatment, making the blend of ingredients as well as the delivery system very important aspects when choosing an eye treatment. It was with each of these aspects in mind when we named Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel as our top rated eye gel.

Dermajuv has a reputation for using only the highest quality ingredients and engineering them in such a way to deliver superior results in a shortened length of time. We were eager to test the Eye Revolution Gel to see if it lived up to the Dermajuv Name. It did not take us much more than a glance at the ingredient list to realize that this Eye Gel is for real. The highlights are as follows.

Matrixyl, the cornerstone copper peptide of the Dermajuv ingredient list, is widely considered the number one peptide treatment for wrinkles. Focusing on the lowest levels of the skin, Matrixyl boost cellular regeneration and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines in a matter of just a few applications.
Eyeliss is a high profile ingredient that eliminates under eye bags and puffiness. It also focuses on regeneration and the growth of collagen and elastin, two structural proteins in the skin. Puffiness and crepe like skin is wiped away in no time.
Haloxyl focuses on the dark circles that can appear under the eye. This ingredient has won awards for its removal of stubborn dark circles. Its use in eye creams and gels is common, but its combination with this next ingredient is what has dermatologists and experts worldwide celebrating the Eye Revolution Gel.
Stem Cells round out this ingredient list. Stem cells are by far the most exciting and most advanced treatment of the skin. Rather than waiting for new cell growth to achieve the results you desire, you can literally add new cells to your skin with each application. Stem cells reduce the time it takes to heal wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles and its use alone makes this Eye Gel worth purchasing.
Our Results:

We knew we were expecting to get serious results from this product, but we have been let down by many products before. We wanted to be sure to document the results in each type of symptom so we enlisted the help of some consumers as well. What we found was simply astounding. Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel started to eliminate wrinkles after only a few days. Puffiness was documented as having showed significant improvement in as little as 6 days. But what shocked us all was that Dark Circles showed signs of elimination in roughly ten days. Some consumers experienced these results as soon as 8 days.
Overall The Eye Revolution Gel certainly lived up to the Dermajuv name. The gel was extremely well balanced and nourishing. Skin shows improvement in tone and elasticity right off the bat with this eye gel, and it is comfortable to wear. In our combined years of consumer research, it is clear to us that the Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel is the best eye gel in the industry.

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and save $75

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Dermajuv Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Reviewed

Dermajuv Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

Dermajuv Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

If you are looking for a well rounded, daily wrinkle cream then Dermajuv has created just the product for you.  This interesting blend of ingredients provides both short term and long term treatment of wrinkles.  This cream is invigoration to apply and leaves skin feeling smooth, rejuvenated, and refreshed. 

The active ingredient in the product is Matrixyl, not to be confused with the less expensive Matrixyl 3000.  Dermajuv has included a concentrated 3% of this highly documented peptide.  By increasing the common dosage, this smoothing cream provides staggering results. 

What encouraged our review staff the most about this particular wrinkle cream is despite it potency it leaves skin feeling so soft and comfortable, leaving no surprise as to why it is the most talked about anti aging cream on the market.  The scientists at Dermajuv have designed this product to stimulate the lower levels of the skin causing them to rapidly heal wounds.  As you may know, a wrinkle is simply a minor wound of the skin.  By promoting the production of collagen this daily cream not only heals deep, established wrinkles, but it prevents further wrinkles from forming.  As with all of the Dermajuv products we have encountered, this too was groundbreaking.  By combining the most effective ingredients available, this Smoothing Cream certainly lives up to all the fantastic testimonials that we read on their site.   We found this cream to be a wonderful choice for removing wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Although available as part of the Dermajuv complete system,  this product, by itself, is a great choice and thoroughly impressed us.


As a product made my Dermajuv, this is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.  Like all of the other Dermajuv products, if you require a return or refund, you will encounter no hassle.   Their store policies are clearly stated on their site, and are followed to the letter.


  • This cream while containing plenty of short term benefits, does take roughly a week or so to see the results when used alone.  Although generally it is used as a part of a System by Dermajuv, this cream certainly has the potency and comfort to stand alone as a wrinkle cream solution. 


  • Stimulates your skin’s production of Collagen naturally
  • Works at the DNA level of your skin to prevent the signs of aging
  • Reduces wrinkles surface by over 67%
  • Reduces Roughness of Skin
  • 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee
  • Before and After PhotosDramatically speeds the healing of wounds and wrinkles

Rate of Results

We began to see results roughly a week after we began using this wrinkle cream.  As our use continued during our testing period we were more and more delighted with each application as wrinkles were simply wiped away.

Overall, this product is a well balanced wrinkle cream that not only provided rapid results, but left our skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  Many of our testers have implemented this product into their daily routine based upon its rejuvenating qualities as well as its therapeutic healing.  We emphatically recommend this Smoothing Cream.

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Dermajuv Dermagist Instant Effect Lifting Serum

best wrinkle cream
If you are on the hunt for an instant lifting serum for your wrinkles, you have found the holy grail.   Never before in the history of an instant lifting product have we found such a major breakthrough.   More than a breakthrough, is the emergence of logic and common sense in a product that provides instant results.   What seemed so simple yet ingenious to our review staff, is the fact that this serum, while providing instant results, also contains powerful ingredients that work to reduce wrinkles and moisturize your skin on a LONG TERM basis.

This means, that although you initially may try this product to watch wrinkles fall off your face within 5 minutes, you will KEEP USING this product because of the magnificent moisture it fortifies your skin with over the long haul.

We took a look at the ingredients that are in the Dermajuv wrinkle product, and were more than impressed.  First, the lifting agent that the product contains (the ingredient that gives the instant results) is called Sesaflash.  We didn’t find this key ingredient in any other instant lifting formulas.  Made naturally from a sesame extract, this instant lifting agent has a moisture-adding effect, and provides the “lift” to your skin with NO UNCOMFORTABLE PULLING sensation on your skin.   We know from experience that instant lift products give your skin a weird, sticky, pulling feeling when applied.  However, we felt none of this discomfort when using the Dermajuv Instant Lifting Serum.  It was just amazing.

When we realized that this instant product ALSO contained real Matrixyl (not Matrixyl 3000, the cheap knock-off), and therefore provides all the long term wrinkle removing and anti aging benefits of Matrixyl, we were totally sold on this product.   Dermajuv spared no expense in making the highest quality instant lifting formula on the market.  In summary, we absolutely loved it!


All of Dermajuv’s products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.  As has been our experience with all of the Dermajuv products, there is zero hassle when trying to be refunded or return the product.   Their store policies are clearly stated on their site, and are strictly adhered to.


When we review products, we always try to find some negatives, as no product is perfect.  The instant effect IS temporary… it only lasts for about a day.   However, you want to apply this product daily anyway.   The product does sting if you get it in your eye, too, so be cautious.

•     Instantly lifts wrinkles (within 5 minutes)
•     Has long term benefits of moisturizing and wrinkle removal
•     Medical grade ingredients with downloadable studies
•     No discomfort of “pulling” that is common with instant products.
•     Leaves skin stronger and healthier
•     Real-life testimonials
•    30 day money back guarantee
•    A REAL Alternative to Botox
•    Included concentrated dose of Sesaflash and Matrixyl
•    Before and After Photos

Rate of Results

This Dermajuv Wrinkle Cream provides visible results in about 5 minutes claims the manufacturer.  We tried to time the results and found that the results were visible in about 8 minutes, but that was good enough for us.   The long term benefits of the Matrixyl in the product can be seen over a period of weeks, however, you are so excited by the instant effect of the Sesaflash that you’re thrilled with the success on the very first day of use.

Dermajuv Customer Feedback

Click Here To Read Jill’s Story

Final Verdict

In summary, we highly recommend this as our top instant lifting product.  You get the tremendous benefits of an instant “lift” without the typical discomfort.  Topping that off is the fact that you get long term benefits of Matrixyl.   In our opinion, this is a fantastic product that you can safely try and will love as much as us.

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(Dermagist just released a 10% coupon code TGST1210 which works
with this discount link here, limited availability)

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Dermajuv Coupon Code

Dermajuv/Dermagist offers from time to time a coupon code for additional savings.

If you buy Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System through the following link you’ll save $110 and if you enter coupon code “Save10″ you’ll save another 10% (best coupon code available,
works for all Dermajuv products):

Click Here For Special $110 Discount

click link above & enter coupon code “Save10” on checkout page


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Dermajuv Dynamic Age Defying Serum

Dermajuv Dynamic Age Defying Serum: This medical grade topical serum is one of the most complete, most powerful, all-in-one products available on line.  With a potent combination of Matrixyl and Renovage, this product smoothes wrinkles, removes redness, lightens spots, and even reduces pore size.


The secret, and reason this product so popular is the amazing 1-2 punch of Matrixyl and Renovage.   Skin care experts everywhere are raving about its effectiveness.  With consistent use of this product, sun spots and redness are dramatically reduced.  When we focused this serum on the more established discoloration, it seemed that the symptoms were reduced with every application.  Our skin looked toned and refreshed, with less wrinkles and a healthy, youthful glow.   Excitement grew with every application, as we started to realize just how magical this product was.

The thing that stood out the most about this product is its sheer strength.  This is one powerful product.  It actually increases your body’s production of collagen naturally.  The matrixyl by itself is a tremendously famous and well documented ingredient for wrinkle reduction.  However, this product also contains Renovage, a compound from the company Sederma in Paris, France.   Renovage is not found in many products due to its cost, but the high-end products that do contain it are in a special league.   When combined with Matrixyl, a synergy is created that literally blows wrinkles and the signs of aging right off your face.  The product is truly incredible.  When testing this product we suddenly became aware of discolorations and large pores on our face that we never really noticed… It wasn’t until they started to go AWAY that we became aware of them.  If you are looking for a daily product to reduce the overall signs of aging, this Age Defying Serum is second to none.

•        Reduces redness, sunspots, discoloration
•        Reduces Wrinkles
•        Works at the DNA level to eliminate wrinkles and regenerate cells
•        Medical grade ingredients backed by clinical studies
•        Reduces the size of pores, giving skin a smoother, brighter appearance
•        Increases your collagen, naturally stimulating your body’s production.
•        Leaves skin stronger and healthier
•        Real testimonials from real people – documenting the success
•       30 day money back guarantee
•       A REAL Alternative to Botox
•       Included concentrated dose of Matrixyl and Renovage
•       Before and After Photos


This product is somewhat pricey if purchased at only 1 bottle at a time.  But considering the strength and effectiveness of the product it is well worth the money.  Fortunately, it is sold in promotions of 2 or 3 bottle amounts.  These specials drastically reduce the price making it extremely affordable to maintain consistent use.  Also, due to the potency of the serum, you need to make sure to keep it out of your eyes during application.  Some stinging as been reported by those who accidentally got it into their eye.
Rate of Results

This product is not marketed as an “instant” product.  It is most effective when used steadily over a few weeks.  The longer the use of the powerful ingredient Renovage and the extremely well documented Matrixyl, the more amazing the results.  It took us roughly 2 weeks to start to see amazing results when using this product alone.

If you are looking to target discoloration, reduce wrinkles and shrink pores this product is for you.  Available as one of the key formulas in Dermajuv’s Complete Rejuvenation System, this individual product is a great all in one bottle.  We recommend this product as a daily serum, and through consistent use, this product will shock and surprise you with its success.


All of Dermajuv’s products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.  As has been our experience with all of the Dermajuv products, there is zero hassle when trying to be refunded or return the product.

Click Here For Special $110 Discount

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